Comparing Otter Waiver vs SmartWaiver

Stop overpaying for signed waivers. Enjoy freedom of only paying for what you use on Otter.

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Otter Waiver vs SmartWaiver

Otter Waiver comes with roll-over credits.

When comparing the dollar to dollar Otter Waiver is very similar in price with two comparisons. The first is Otter offers Roll-over credits meaning if you don’t use your limit on waivers, it rolls over to the next month. The next is overages. Smartwaiver overage fee is $0.15 a waiver compared to Otter at $0.10.

Otter Waiver
up to100/ month
up to250/ month
up to500/ month
up to1,000/ month
up to2,500/ month
Source: SmartWaiver Pricing Page Date: 01/10/2023



Otter vs SmartWaiver monthly plans: Get more features for less money.

Save time, money, and get more features to make your operation run smoother.
With Otter Waiver, there are no long-term contracts, just easy monthly plans with roll-over waiver credits.

Otter Waiver
Certificate of authenticity? Required by ESIGN Act & UETA guidelines
Unlimited waiver storage
Build unlimited waivers (if no how many>?)
Check in participants
Custom waiver link
Export data records
Free trial
Search participants
Secure waiver signing site
Support chat
API integrations
Contactless signing (Link, QR Code)
Kiosk app (android / IOS)
Offline waiver signing
Unlimited team members
Build unlimited waiver templates
Donation management
Environmental impact report
Nonprofit discount

SmartWaiver: the more waivers you have each month, the more you pay.

Smartwaiver’s free plan is limited to one month. The moment you hit your max waivers for the month, you will be charged a lot for overages or have to balance when to upgrade to the next plan. Smartwaiver’s base plans are 4x more for any small company starting — but keep in mind, the price is recalculated according to the number of waivers used as your business grows.

OtterWaiver: only pay for what you use and enjoy unlimited features

With Otter, the only minimum is $10 = 100 credits to buy to reload your account. So if you are an outfit serving 500 participants expect to pay for what you use which might only be $50 for the year. Otter’s entire pricing structure is based on the number of waivers signed, not a locked in monthly subscription. Most businesses save close to $400-$1000 or more from switching to Otter Waiver.

Otter gives you the flexibility to grow your business as large as you want. Once you’re ready to scale up your signing volume you can purchase in bulk or ask about our committed use plan.




See why people switch to Otter

We have been using Otter Waiver for the last few months at Astro Paragliding and The Free Kiting Clinic, it's been liberating. No more paper waivers, improved productivity on site all with an easy, intuitive phone application. I especially like the QR code.
Harrison Ruffin
Astro Paragliding
"With Otter, our digital waivers are stored securely in the cloud, and marketing data is accessible from anywhere. Otter helped our business move to the future with convenience and ease."
Logan Tyler
Basecamp Ouray
My team LOVES Otter Waiver. It made the check in process for our customers quicker. With the QR code, Otter Waiver allowed us to go contactless which made our customers feel more secure during these crazy COVID times. I love that it also keeps our business legally covered with eSignature.
Erika klotz
The Selfie Room
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