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Contact Rapid Gun Systems and ask for an Integration with Otter.

If you want to use Otter and have a native integration in Rapid Gun Systems, send them a message asking for an Otter Waiver integration here. The more requests they get, the sooner they will integrate with Otter Waiver.


Contact Rapid Gun Systems

Phone: (619) 754-4100

Email: sales@rapidgunsystems.com


Email Subject: Otter Waiver Integration



I am a current user of Rapid Gun Systems and would like to integrate with Otter Waiver for handling our waiver collection. Otter is integrated with Celerant and Gun Owners of America (GOA) back Otter as a pro 2A company. We would like to continue using Rapid Gun Systems. When will you be offering integration with Otter Waiver? 


Below is their contact information:

Otter Technologies, Inc

Ben Nelson



1% donated to GOA