Easy for you and your participants

With features that are uniquely designed for outdoor recreation organizations, we provide the tools to make collecting liability waivers easier, more affordable, and better for the environment.

Build your Digital Waiver

Customize our templates or copy and paste your own waivers into our waiver builder.

Waiver Builder

Create unlimited waivers that are tailored to the scope of your operations with our easy waiver builder.


Easily program waivers for Adults, Minors or both! Otter Waiver will auto-populate the fields you need on your digital waivers .

Auto Generated Tips

Otter Waiver software takes the guesswork out of creating your digital liability waiver with tons of helpful tips and videos that will make building your online waiver easier than ever.

Custom Questions

Users can add up to 5 custom questions that will be flagged as you collect them in your waiver folder. (Dropdowns, yes/no, checkboxes and more!)

Easy Fields

Let us handle the paperwork. We take the hassle out of knowing exactly what you need for your digital signature fields and auto populate them.

Assign to team Members

Separate your events and give access to the team members you want.

Collect Signatures

Participants can sign via a QR Code, private link, or the Otter Kiosk app.

Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures are legally binding including within the United States, European Union, United Kingdom and more!

Kiosk App

Turn any apple ipad into a signing device. Use it to check in participants and always have access to the digital waivers forms wherever you are. Download in the App Store.

Computer Browsers

Otter Waiver creates a custom link for your waiver so you can easily share it through the computer browser, smart tablets and phones.

Embed on Your Website

Allow your participants to sign the digital liability waiver without leaving your website with an iframe popup screen.

QR Code

Every digital waiver you build will generate a custom QR code that allows for contactless signing from the participants phone.

Offline Mode

No matter where you are in the wilderness, collect electronic signatures from anywhere –even without Wi-Fi or cell service on the Otter Kiosk App.

Email Digital Waiver Links

Set up your website or booking system to send a link to the liability waiver template once your participants have booked the activity. This will help you save check in times on the day of the activity.

Manage & Store Data

Store and manage participant data and signed digital waivers securely on our platform.

Participant Checkin

Easily keep track of your participant check ins and collect participant data.

Search Participants

Instantly search participants by first and last name, phone number, and more in our waiver console.

Certificate of Authentication

Otter Waiver is the only waiver software that is federally compliant with e-signature guidelines, providing a certificate of authenticity with every e-sign waiver.

Edit Waivers

Save waivers as drafts and edit them later on. If you have an active liability waiver template, copy it to make changes to a new waiver if you wish.

Time Tracker

Need to track a participant or rental? Click the timer and check them in and out with the touch of a button.

Export Data

Download all your participant data to a CSV file and download individually signed PDFs and certificates.

Search Waiver

Separate your online waivers into separate folders based on type, data, and status to keep track of them with ease.

Email Marketing

Automatically transfer participant contact information into mailChimp, Constant Contact and Emma through our integrations on Zapier.

Waiver Sync

Automatically sync your digital consent forms with the Otter Waiver app to ensure you have the latest waivers and contacts to make going of the grid easy.

Event Managment

Create multiple events and sort them into waiver folders.

Team Management

A team of one to a team of 100.

Add Team Members

A team of one to a team of 100 it doesn’t matter you can add your check in team or your onsite medical team.

Assign Waivers Forms

Assign digital liability waivers to an individual team member so they have access to the correct waiver form needed.

Custom Access

Assign digital liability waivers to an individual team member so they have access to the correct waiver form needed.



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