Common Questions

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The short answer is yes. Our kiosk app works with two features: 1. Check-in feature to look up and check-in people. 1. Kiosk for signing. You can download the kiosk app (Google Play | App Store) and log in once you have an Otter account.

95% of waivers being signed on Otter currently are on personal devices such a phone from scanning a QR Code or a computer.


You can create your first integration with MailerLite, Twilio, and 1000+ other integrations on Zapier with ease. If you have any questions with integrations visit our help page or join our slack community.

Otter Waiver accepts all credit cards that are processed through our secure processor Stripe.

Yes! We love hearing from our users and your suggestions are always welcome. Please send your suggestions or requests to the Otter support team

Our storage costs 3 credit/GB after you’ve had 2,000 digital waivers signed. Until then, storage is free. You can expect 1 GB to store approximately 12,000-16,000 waivers, depending on how many pages per waiver. 3 credits can cost $0.03-0.30 based on bulk discounts.

Otter Waiver does not charge monthly contacts or require a subscription. The only monthly fee you may see is for storage being deducted from your credits each month. Organizations that have over 2,000 signed digital waivers stored pay 3 credit/GB each month. 

There are no long-term commitments or cancellation fees. Users are able to purchase as many, or as little credits as they wish, and cancel at any time. However, we do not provide any refunds for any unused credits that remain on your account before the cancellation. You may, however, donate your credits to a non-profit using our service by contacting our support team.

Otter Waiver is proud to offer discounts to non-profit organizations. We offer a 50% discount starting at $0.05/credit for non-profit organizations. We also offer a freemium version for qualified non-profit partners. Contact our non-profit team for more information.

Signed Waiver (1 Credit)

One credit will be subtracted from your account after a waiver has been signed. If a participant doesn’t complete their waiver and submit it, your account will not be charged and the participant’s incomplete waiver will not be stored on our database.  


Storage charges (3 Credits/GB)

Every month our software holds data for your account. There is a charge of 3 credits per gigabyte (GB) of data. Your organization will not be charged for storage until they have accumulated 2,000 signed waivers. 1 GB of data will store about 12K-16K waivers.

We aim to have the best prices in the industry. If you have been getting a lower price from one of our competitors, click here for our price match guarantee form.

Otter Waiver offers newly registered organizations/businesses 100 Otter Credits to try it out for 14 days. Waiver credits will be automatically credited to your account upon creating your organization. These 100 credits allows 100 people to e-sign your digital waivers.

Once the initial 100 credits have been used, you are able to add more credits to your account at any time. The starting cost for 1 credit is $0.10. However, Otter Waiver also offers large bulk pricing and committed-use discounts when users purchase large quantities of credits.

Simply login to your organizer/promoter account to access signatures. You can also browse, search, and download all audit logs, signed waivers, and certificates of authenticity.

Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States, Canada and European Union. We designed Otter Waiver to exceed the security of paper waivers by incorporating mobile authentication and digital audit logs in addition to the signature. Whereas anyone can sign "Mickey Mouse" at your front gate, or use handwriting that makes it impossible to track down a signature, this additional data fights non-repudiation. Furthermore, our digital storage and security means you'll never lose an Otter Waiver!

Check with your insurance provider on if your state allows a parent to sign for a minor. In the state of Utah, a Parent / Guardian can’t sign for a minor.

Yes! Otter Waiver supports unlimited waiver creation such as Communicable Diseases Waivers at no extra cost to you.

The simple answer is legally, no. Otter is compliant with USIS Guidelines by making sure users can’t modify an active waiver. If you need to change a waiver, click on the three dot menu on the right of the waiver and select “duplicate”. You can duplicate the waiver, change the name, make edits, and republish. Just make sure to turn the old one to inactive.

While other online waiver software platforms charge $10/month for off-season use, we only will charge you for storage after you hit 2,000 signed waivers. Otherwise, you don’t pay anything when you’re not having waivers signed.

The more you buy, the more you save. Pre-buy waiver credits and get bulk pricing or contact our sales team if you need to run over 200,000 waivers a year. Check out our calculator to see your savings.

Otter Waiver utilizes extra security precautions to meet the needs of larger companies. All waivers are safely stored on our secured database. We also regularly back up our data onto a cloud server for extra precautions.

Since we use smart fields while building, you can’t have more than one organization. This is because the organization data and logo are auto populated on the waiver fields. Create a new account and keep your operations separated. In addition, you will qualify for free credits with the new company.

The quick answer is no. Kiosk machines are a thing of the past and cost too much.

Thanks to Covid, people are now used to scanning a QR code. Plus, machines and kiosks break, run out of battery, or just have to be replaced over time. How much would you save by not paying for a lease on a machine that isn’t compliant? Why take on the added expense and legal worries? Users can sign via email, website, QR or automated SMS. We make the experience easy and simple for the customer .

We integrate with several CRM systems. There are three options for this process. Option 1: export your data and put it in your CRM, or Option 2: check out our integration page to see if your CRM is listed. If not, we are able to offer a custom integration which will reduce data entry hours and create a seamless workflow - contact us here.

No. A QR code is generated based on the URL of the waiver. When you clone a waiver it goes into draft mode and allows you to edit before publishing. Once Published it generates a new URL and a new QR code.

Recommended Browsers:

  • Google Chrome, latest version

Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome, latest version
  • Microsoft Edge, latest version
  • Safari versions 10 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox, latest version
  • iOS 13
  • Android 10

An informative link for Microsoft guidelines for desktop browser support can be found here: http://support2.microsoft.com/gp/microsoft-internet-explorer

Waiver Signing (1 credit)

1 Credit will be subtracted for a completed waiver. If a waiver is not completed it won’t be stored to your account.

Automatic SMS Service (1 credit)

After you set up a phone number through Otter you can opt in to set up automatic SMS service. This service uses a preprogrammed SMS to respond to signees with their waiver link. To send the SMS is 1 credit and the user signing it uses an additional credit. Learn more here.

Storage Charges (3 credits per Gig)

Every month that we hold data for your account, we charge 3 credits per Gig of data. 1 gig of data = 12K-14K waivers.

One of our main goals with Otter Waiver was to create technology that is accessible and affordable to everyone, whether  they are a solo instructor, a non-profit organization, or a large company.

We know the outdoor industry has seasonal fluctuations , so it didn't make sense to us to create a monthly pricing structure.

Instead, we help you save through our volume discounts when you buy credits in larger quantities. Because Otter credits don't expire, you can save by buying large quantities and then saving your credits until  you need them. Also, when you first join Otter Waiver, you automatically get 50 free credits to get you started.

If you want your payments to be on auto, you can set your account to auto-reload. This way, Otter automatically  reloads your account with credits in your chosen amounts  once your balance gets below a certain level.

This is for security reasons. We pride ourselves on a commitment to privacy, security, and compliance and this step helps us to maintain those high standards.

Otter Waiver gives each new user 50 waiver credits to help them get started. You'll see the 50 credits on your account when you create an organization. You can use these credits to create waivers to be signed by up to 50 people.

Once your initial 50 credits are depleted, you can add more credits at any time starting at just $0.10 a credit. We also have volume discounts to help you save when buying  larger quantities of credits. Otter credits next expire so you can buy in advance and use them when you need to.