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Polo is known as the Sport of Kings, but those that have experienced the sport recognize the rush one gets when they hear the “click” sound when a player hits a ball off the back of their favorite pony flat out up to 35MPH – its addictive to say the least. May it be on the grass, snow, or arena polo – teamwork and the horses are key to winning. Polo whether it is at the interscholastic, intercollegiate, club or low, medium or high goal will all agree that there is no better time spent than on the polo pitch.

Luckily, Otter Waiver will keep your waivers digitized without dealing with papers flying in the wind, saving you time and allowing you to get back to what you do best—riding! Whether it’s a lesson, practice, or game, you want to make sure your players/customers know the risks and sign your waiver before they get saddled up on their companion for the day.

After players, umpires and grooms have finished the game, practice or lesson it is important to make sure they come back for their next “Polo Fix” turn them into repeat visitors by simply sending them a text message asking them to leave a review or giving them a code to use the next time. With the increased efficiencies introduced by automation, you can eliminate wasted hours of your time and realize more significant potential profit margins.


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10 Minute Setup

Our users are always shocked at how easy it is to set up.

Easy Waiver Builder

Otter Waiver delivers a quick and easy digital waiver signing experience that your staff and participants will appreciate.

Contactless Signing

Participants can electronically sign their digital waiver from a computer, tablet, SMS, email, or QR code on a mobile device.

Participant Check-in

We’re eliminating long lines with our streamlined, QR-based technology. Check participants in and confirm that their waiver has been signed using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Rollover credits

Switching plans suck. No more paying full price when you don't need it! Rollover credits keep everything moving smoothly, so you never have to worry about money coming out of your pocket again.

Electronic Signatures

You can trust that Otter Waiver adheres to legal compliance with Federal and State laws concerning electronic signature verification.

Customer Data

Let your customers' data work for you and connect to 10,000 integrations to help you grow and automate your workflow.

SMS Marketing

Reaching consumers straight on their phones leads to higher engagement and conversations with them. It also increases customer retention and loyalty.



Limitless Integrations with 10,000+ Apps

Add on extra functions, automate your work and customize features with hundreds of integrations accessed inside of Otter.

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SMS Marketing

Improve Revenue

Boost your Customer Engagement through auto-generated SMS Campaigns to engage and bring back your customers. Through greater efficiencies achieved by automation, you can eliminate wasted hours of your time and achieve higher potential profit margins.

Going from paper waiver to digital waivers has been a life change.
We've always had paper waivers, which have been cumbersome to manage after the fact because we put them in a drawer and don't know where they are or what they're doing there. Now we use Otter Waiver so people can go through and sign up before they go out shooting - making life easier for us.
Shawn Spindel
Hill'n Dale Club
Otter helped our company take steps toward the future with ease.
With Otter, our digital waivers are stored securely in the cloud, and marketing data is accessible from anywhere. Otter helped our business move to the future with convenience and ease.
Logan Tyler
Basecamp Ouray

Otter Waiver is designed to meet stringent privacy, compliance and security standards based on industry best practices.


Otter is the only fully compliant waiver software available in over 40 countries, Otter Waiver Software, features a 30-point audit trail to ensure that the client has signed the waiver.

Enterprise Encryption

Otter lets you and your team securely access client data and works from anywhere without the need for VPNs. With built-in control, encryption, and authorization features.

Compliance Guide

Otter has provided some guidelines and resources to help you stay on track and not collect the information you aren’t legally permitted.

Secure Backups

All waivers on our system are securely backed up on multiple servers to make sure your information stays safe and secure.
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