Celerant is the #1 Point of Sale & eCommerce for Firearms Dealers



As a preferred retail software provide of the NSSF, NRA, NASGW & Project ChildSafe, Celerant offers the most compliant, innovative & scalable retail solution for gun shops- in-store and online.  With one software solution and one company, dealers can more effectively manage their compliance, gun shop sales, range reservations, class scheduling and online business- your eCommerce site plus online marketplace integrations such as GunBroker, gun.deals, Guns.com, eBay, Amazon, and more.  In addition to complete software for your store and range, Celerant offers ready-made and custom eCommerce options, developed and designed by Celerant and integrated with all of your firearms distributors, helping you sell more products with less effort.


Retail Software Built for Firearms
  •       Mobile point of sale for gun shows
  •       Electronic A&D & e4473
  •       Distributor integrations for in store & online
  •       Catalog imports & automated ordering
  •       Memberships with recurring billing
  •       Range management- in range & online
  •       Class scheduling with calendar views- in range & online
  •       Digital waiver integration with Otter Waiver
  •       Text messages from the point of sale for range alerts/reminders
  •       Integrated eCommerce with FFL Locators
  •       Same day pick up & distributor drop shipping
  •       In store kiosks pulling distributor product feeds
  •       Online marketplace integrations- major firearms plus Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.
  •       Email marketing pulling live sales & customer data
  •       SEO Services & social media integrations

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Otter Integration Overview:

Otter is your first point of contact for Celerant. It allows you to capture signups, customer data and engage with existing customers via SMS Marketing Automation. When you combine Otter’s customer data with Celerent, you get unrivaled customer data before they walk up to the counter.


With Otter you can:
  • Accelerate new customer onboarding
  • Collect signatures before your customer arrives
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Boost your Customer Engagement through auto-generated SMS Campaigns
  • Categorize your data from day use, education, members, etc.
  • Stay eSign Compliant


Integration Features

Increase revenue. Drive customer engagement through auto-generated SMS campaigns to engage and bring back customers. Through automation’s increased efficiencies, you can eliminate wasted hours of your time and achieve higher potential profit margins.

More data means better service. Rack up your customers' data with a single dashboard for making intelligent marketing decisions and driving greater growth.

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