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How to Integrate without an API


1. Add your waiver link to the email confirmation for the booking

This is the easiest way to make sure people sign a waiver on Otter. Simply copy and paste your waiver link in the email with verbiage for signing before they arrive.



Thank you for booking a fly fishing trip with Huck Adventures. Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing for your day on the water.

  • Save time at check-in and sign your waiver today! Click Here
  • Full-day trips and half-day morning trips meet at Headwaters at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise specified by the guide in advance. Half-day afternoon trips meet at 1:00 p.m. Your guide will touch base with you at least 2 days prior to your trip. 


2. Use SMS on Otter and send a waiver link

Otter can connect Otter SMS with Rezdy and send an SMS message to your customer to sign their waiver. 

3. Contact Rezdy and ask for an Integration with Otter

If you want to use Otter and have a native integration in Rezdy send them a message asking for an Otter Waiver integration here. The more requests they get the sooner they will integrate with Otter Waiver.

Subject: Otter Waiver Integration.

I would like to continue using Otter Waiver and Rezdy and would like to see when you will be offering integration with Otter Waiver? Below is their contact information:


Otter Technologies, Inc

Ben Nelson




With Otter you can:

  • Accelerate new customer onboarding
  • Collect signatures before your customer arrives
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Boost your Customer Engagement through auto-generated SMS Campaigns
  • Categorize your data from daily use, education, members, trips, etc.
  • Stay eSign Compliant
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