10 Biggest Advantages of an Online Waiver

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Are you wondering how an online waiver system can help your business during the COVID-19 pandemic? It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on American businesses. Governmental orders have affected businesses, especially those in the outdoor sports and recreation business. Many businesses have temporarily closed or considerably reduced their services.  

Note that retailers are working hard to shift their sales strategies in orderĀ to remain profitable. However, other businesses, such as those in the outdoors industry, havenā€™t been so lucky. Does your business rely heavily on revenue from outdoor events and activities? You donā€™t have to fear. This is because there is still quite a bit that you can do to stay productive and profitable during this pandemic.

COVID-19, Online Waiver Platforms and Outdoor Sports and Recreation Businesses

As your outdoor sports and recreation business prepares to reopen, you should evaluate your legal documents. This will help ensure that your business is adequately protected during this continuing pandemic.  This is where liability waivers come into the picture. Keep in mind that a waiver is important for your outdoor sports business.  

This is because when a participant sustains an injury during an activity, there is the risk of potential liability exposure to the event organizers, the other participants, and the activity providers. You will be happy to know that you can significantly reduce liability exposure with a suitable liability waiver. 

Liability is always one of the main concerns for any resort and ranch-type property that offers outdoor activities, such as hiking, to its guests. However, getting your guests or participants to sign waivers on-site is time-consuming. It is also an organizational challenge for properties and overwhelming and confusing for guests.  

Did you know that waiver management is also going digital with the increasing digitization of nearly all aspects of theme park and amusement center management?

And with handheld tablets that your staff can carry easily on the floor as well as the possibility of signing liability waivers online, it has become convenient and quick to sign a waiver. So, the preferred type of waiver usage in sports businesses is gradually becoming electronic. 

So, letā€™s look at the ten biggest advantages that digital waiver management and online waivers have over conventional pen-and-paper waivers. 

1. Increased Security and Simple Data Management

By going digital with your data, you can easily sort, retrieve, and manage your data. Also, you can significantly reduce the risk of errors. Did you know that most electronic or online waivers are encrypted, and you can store them safely in the cloud with top-notch security? 

When you need to validate a waiver, your staff can do it quickly and efficiently by verifying the telephone number or email address of your guest. 

Your staff can also view, email, print, or deactivate signed waiver copies. And you will benefit from increased data security. This is because you can hide customer data from your staff and use a ā€˜waiver codeā€™ for validation. 

Today, a lot of insurance providers require that you hold onto waivers for seven years (minimum). A digital waiver has structured data points. These are simple to search and find if you have to locate a waiver. 

2. Save Precious Time

If you are an event organizer, you will know how valuable time is for event planning. Time is money, and you will agree that often you donā€™t have enough time to complete all the various tasks that you intend to. 

One of the best things about an online waiver is that it can help save you some time. This will allow you to focus on other important things. 

You can easily have your customers or guests complete their digital waivers in advance, making checking in simple and effortless. An online waiver saves your business organization time as it keeps crucial information well-organized and straightforward to sift through.

3. Minimize Coronavirus Liability 

You may also add a line item to your online waivers about any COVID-19 precautions that youā€™re taking along with any risks in order to minimize your business liability. Keep in mind that this is something that even a lot of nail and hair salons are doing during the pandemic.  

4. Reduce Contact 

You probably know the COVID-19 health pandemic has compelled all entertainment venues in the country to shift to new technologies. This helps reduce contact between staff and visitors, facilitating social distancing. 

Note that this applies to waiver management as well. As your guests have the option to easily sign waivers online or even on a kiosk, they can avoid potentially risky contact with your staff. 

5. Increase Team Efficiency 

If you have limited operations and a small team, anything that you can do in order to boost productivity and automate processes goes a long way. Digital waivers will help save your team plenty of time in the following ways:

  • Save time by easily creating multiple liability waiver templates 
  • Send reminders automatically to guests to sign their online waivers before arriving 

6. Automatic Emails 

You may know that confirmation emails are now the standard for various activities, such as when customers book an appointment or buy tickets. So why not make the most of this opportunity? Many software platforms let you embed QR codes or waiver links in the same confirmation email.

7. Save Trees

With an online waiver system, you will save on paper, which will save you money! Online waivers help reduce the usage of paper. This will make your venue more eco-friendly, and you will be able to save plenty of storage space as well. 

8. Quick Waiver Verification

Online waivers are convenient and make it simple for your staff to pull up guest accounts. Your participants and guest will be pleased by how quickly and efficiently your employees work.

9. Create an Excellent First Impression

We live in a highly digital world. We use electronic signatures, bank with our smartphones, and shop online. So why depend on an antiquated waiver system? 

An electronic waiver application only makes sense these days. Otter Waiver keeps you current as well as helps your organization portray a professional and eco-friendly image.

10. Simplify Data Search and Analysis

Note that the real value of your business organization relies on how well you analyze and make the best use of the data you have. You will be happy to know that the best electronic or online waiver forms boast robust tools that help you better understand your customer behavior.  

Final Thoughts 

Using secure and convenient online waivers provides you with peace of mind. It also saves time and makes for a better user experience. Using a software program like Otter Waiver can considerably improve your analytics and marketing efforts. 

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