Elevating Adventure Experiences: Fotaflo and Otterwaiver Forge a Seamless Integration


Greetings, adventure enthusiasts! Today marks an exciting collaboration that promises to redefine adventure experiences in axe-throwing and shooting ranges. Fotaflo, pioneers in cutting-edge photo-marketing, and Otter Technologies, leaders in online waiver software, have joined forces to blend precision data capture with everlasting memories seamlessly.

Precision Data Capture for Unforgettable Experiences

In the dynamic world of axe throwing and shooting ranges, precision is the key to unlocking exceptional experiences. The partnership between Fotaflo and Otterwaiver transcends mere data collection, transforming it into a powerful tool for building lasting relationships and enhancing participant engagement with our mutual clients’ brands.

Meghan Forbes, Director at Fotaflo, expresses the essence of this collaboration, stating, “At Fotaflo, we believe every experience is a story waiting to be told. Our partnership with Otterwaiver integrates our passion for helping operators capture unforgettable moments with a seamless delivery through digital waiver contact data. We’re capturing memories and facilitating lifelong relationships between our clients and their customers.”

No Bull, Just Benefits: The Power of Data Capture

For businesses in the axe throwing and shooting range domain, understanding participants goes beyond mere importance ā€“ it’s everything. Otterwaiver’s precision data capture extends beyond basic information, incorporating details such as activity dates, custom questions, and more, transforming data into the secret sauce for tailoring unforgettable experiences.

Sample Data you can turn on or off for collection:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Photo
  • Home address
  • Driver’s license
  • How did you hear about us
  • Shooting level experience
  • See all new features launched in Q4 here

Ben Nelson, CEO of Otter Technologies, emphasizes the commitment to elevating the adventure experience: “Our integration with Fotaflo is a commitment to elevating the adventure experience. Together, we empower businesses to seamlessly capture, share, and preserve the essence of every adventure. It’s about creating enduring connections through shared experiences.”

The Power of Forever Memories: Reconnecting Through Captured Moments

At the core of this collaboration lies a unique feature – the strategic integration of Otterwaiver’s data with Fotaflo’s photo and video remarketing innovation. When Fotaflo pulls in waiver data, it automatically delivers timeless photo memories to participants. This isn’t just about the adventure; it’s about crafting an enduring connection through shared experiences.

Shareable Experiences: Turning Participants into Advocates

Participants aren’t just patrons; they’re your brand ambassadors. With personalized photo links in hand, they become storytellers, advocating on behalf of your brand. The newly updated iOS and Android apps simplify the photo capture process, contributing to word-of-mouth marketing driven by sleek features.

Fotaflo and Otterwaiver’s collaboration is a commitment to reshaping the adventure landscape, offering businesses in the axe throwing and shooting range industry a future where every throw, every shot, and every captured moment contributes to an immersive, shareable, and unforgettable adventure narrative. Contact our support team to learn how Fotaflo and Otterwaiver can transform your adventure business.

Release Date: Fotaflo – Dec 5th, Otter – TBD

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