OtterWaiver and MindBody Integration 

OtterWaiver & MindBody Integration: Streamlining Outdoor Business

Imagine a world where your outdoor business operations are streamlined, the tedious task of managing waivers is as simple as a few clicks, and your customer data is securely stored and easily accessible. Welcome to the world of OtterWaiver and MindBody integration.

What is OtterWaiver?

OtterWaiver is a digital waiver and participant management software designed specifically for the outdoor industry. It’s a tool that allows businesses to easily create, sign, and manage online waivers from any device. It’s not just about going paperless; it’s about saving time, money, and trees.

OtterWaiver is unique in its focus on the outdoor industry. It’s the result of collaboration with attorneys, guides, theme parks, and activity providers to create a waiver system that is simple to use, increases customer retention rates, and lowers service costs. It’s also the first outdoor online waiver software that follows the ESIGN Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), ensuring legal compliance.

The Power of Integration

Now, let’s add MindBody to the mix. MindBody is a leading business management software that offers solutions for client scheduling, employee management, marketing, payments, and online booking. It’s a powerhouse in the fitness and wellness industry, and its integration with OtterWaiver is a game-changer.

When a new customer completes a digital waiver through OtterWaiver, a new customer profile is automatically created in your MindBody dashboard. This means no more manual data entry, no more clerical errors, and no more wasted time. Your team can focus on what they do best: providing exceptional outdoor experiences.

How Does it Work?

The integration process is as simple as a few easy steps:

  • Participants sign a waiver via a QR Code, private link, or the Otter Kiosk app.
  • Their data is securely stored on the OtterWaiver platform.
  • This data automatically synchronizes with your MindBody Online account, creating a new customer profile in your dashboard or updating an existing record. MindBody Online (MBO) will match the first name, last name, and email address. If it does not find a 100% match, it will create a new customer record, save a PDF of the waiver in MindBody, and attach it to the customer.

The Benefits

The integration of OtterWaiver and MindBody offers several key benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: You’re protected from liability, and your client records are accurate and reconciled across the platforms you trust to manage your organization.
  • Time Savings: The automatic entry of client information in MindBody saves your team valuable time on data entry.
  • Cloud Storage: The digital nature of OtterWaiver means that your waivers are stored in the cloud, making them easy to distribute, store, search, and reference when needed.
  • Valuable Insights: Digital waivers provide valuable insight into your customer base, such as the number of participants who use your services daily and customer demographics to help improve your marketing initiatives.

Wrapping Up

Integrating OtterWaiver and MindBody is more than just a technical upgrade; it’s a strategic move toward efficiency and growth. It’s about leveraging technology to streamline your operations, improve your customer experience, and ultimately, drive your business forward all while staying compliant.Ready to give it a try? OtterWaiver offers a free trial, allowing you to build your first waiver in minutes. Sign up for 100 waivers on your 14-day trial. No credit card is required. Learn more on their Pricing Page.

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