OtterWaiver Partners with USCCA: A Win-Win for Shooting Ranges

OtterWaiver has teamed up with the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) to offer an exclusive partnership that benefits shooting ranges. This collaboration allows ranges to provide valuable resources to their customers after they sign a waiver. Plus, it’s a money-making opportunity for you, thanks to a lead generation kickback from the USCCA.

Who Are They?

screenshot from the USCCA plugin activation page on Otter Waiver

USCCA: Empowering Responsible Americans

The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) focuses on three core areas: lifesaving education, expert-led training, and access to self-defense liability insurance. Their goal is to prepare individuals for real-world situations that require self-defense skills. 

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OtterWaiver: Streamlining the Outdoor Industry

OtterWaiver specializes in digital waivers and participant management for the outdoor industry. The platform allows for quick waiver creation and signing, secure data storage, and even contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing paper use. 

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How It Works: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Partnership

  • Sign Up with OtterWaiver: If your shooting range isn’t already using OtterWaiver, the first step is to sign up.
  • Become a USCCA Partner: To take advantage of the exclusive benefits, your range must be an official USCCA partner.
  • Activate the Plugin: After setting up your waiver on OtterWaiver, activate the USCCA plugin within the platform.
  • Select Resources: Choose from a variety of valuable resources that you’d like to offer your customers. These can range from print-at-home drills to child safety guides.
screenshot from the thank you and resources page on Otter Waiver

  • Customer Signs Waiver: When customers come to your range, they’ll sign the digital waiver through OtterWaiver.
  • Access to Resources: After signing, the customer can access your selected free resources.
  • Earn Commission: Each time a customer accesses these resources, you earn a commission or kickback from the USCCA if the signeeā€™s email is new to the USCCA database.
  • Track and Manage: Use OtterWaiver’s platform to track customer data and manage your earnings from the USCCA kickbacks.

Why You Should Care: Tangible Benefits for Your Shooting Range

Boost Customer Engagement

Offering USCCA’s valuable resources isn’t just a nice gesture; it’s a way to deepen your customer relationship. These resources can help them become more skilled and knowledgeable, making them more likely to return to your range.

New Revenue Stream

The commission you earn from the USCCA is more than just pocket change; it’s a consistent revenue stream that requires minimal effort. Essentially, you’re making money while providing added value to your customers.

Simplified Operations

OtterWaiver’s digital waiver system streamlines the check-in process, saving time and reducing operational hassles. Their robust data management features make tracking customer engagement and earnings from the USCCA partnership easy.

Environmental Impact

By going digital with OtterWaiver, you’re also making a positive environmental impact by reducing paper waste. It’s a small but meaningful way to contribute to sustainability.

Take the Next Step

Ready to level up your shooting range business? Consider becoming an official partner with USCCA and using OtterWaiver’s plugin. It’s a win-win situation that offers both value and revenue.

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