How to Switch to Online Waivers

How to Switch to Online Waivers

Switching to a new way of doing business isn’t easy. However, this year has shown us that change is not only possible but can lead to great things. The year 2020 has proved that doing things remotely and virtually can be even more effective than performing activities in-person. Paper liability waivers are becoming a thing of the past. Many companies are moving into the future with electronic waivers. Digital waiver and participant management software can help the outdoor industry to save time, money, and trees. But change isn’t always easy. Here’s how to move your waiver management online for a more affordable and accessible solution.

Reasons to move to digital waivers

Whether you are working in the outdoor industry, an event producer, a non-profit, or in the fitness sector, you’re probably looking for a better option. Digital waivers can help you save money and time – while making things easier for your participants.

Cost savings

The old industry standard is 0.25 per paper waiver, and that adds up. Otter Waiver offers pay-per-use pricing at only 0.10 per signature, which equates to a bigger impact.

Ease of use

The most significant benefit of digital waivers is that they are easy to use. Users can get their waivers acknowledged on any device. Team members can build waivers in just a few minutes. Scan and Sign with QR codes can help move people through lines quickly and seamlessly.

Going green

It’s more important than ever to be environmentally responsible and switching to digital waivers. This step can help save trees and lessen the overall impact on the environment.

Storage and retrieval

Team members can access approved waivers anytime because they are stored securely in the cloud. Easy to search and view, Otter securely stores thousands of files at a time. If any incident arises, it’s a simple process to locate what you need quickly – so you’re always covered.


Illness-reducing measures are not likely to go away once the pandemic is over. Running socially distanced events can help keep your participants healthy. Encouraging electronic signatures and pre-populated waivers limits personal interactions.

Making the switch to digital waivers

Hopefully, you can see that digital waivers make a lot of sense for your organization. But how do you convince your participants and attendees to use electronic signatures? After all, they’re the ones who need to adopt the behavior to make the entire process work.

What boxes do you need to check to ensure digital waivers cover you before moving away from paper ones?
Here are a few things to keep in mind if you need more help to look at the bigger picture of online waivers.

Think about compliance

Are you planning to move away from paper waivers? If so, you need to be sure that what you’re creating digitally is just as protective as traditional methods. Otter Waiver allows you to create new waivers in just minutes. It is important to be intentional as you create new waivers. You may need to check with your insurance company to see if there are any considerations to keep in mind. Otter is the only waiver system providing a Certificate of Authenticity to hold up in all 50 states, including California. So, you may find that compliance easier than it ever was with paper!

Consider logistics

Will you use e-signatures for events only? Do you plan to use Scan and Sign functionality to usher attendees through a registration process? How much notice do individuals need to review a liability waiver? It’s important to think through the logistics of how you will get people to sign and factor in the appropriate amount of time required for them to do so. Bring your team together (perhaps virtually these days). Then document the workflow of activities leading up to an event and on the day of. How many people will need to be available to assist in getting signatures? What devices will you need to have on hand? Once you have everything documented, it can’t hurt to do a practice run so that everyone is comfortable with the new processes.

Communicate with participants

It’s important to make sure that everyone’s expectations are in line. To make sure everything runs smoothly and there are no surprises, let attendees know about important information in advance. For instance, what they’ll need to sign before the event and on the day of the event. Be specific about what is in the waivers and where they can review more detailed documentation (if there is any).

If you have previously used paper waivers, be prepared to explain why you’re switching to digital. You may even want to call this out with a sign at registration, for example, if you tend to have repeat attendees and have traditionally used paper documents. There are so many benefits – for organizations, for individuals, and for the environment. Most people will be more than happy to take care of business digitally. It’s worth noting that privacy and data usage is becoming an important area of concern.

Harvard Business Review piece noted that 32% of study respondents said they care deeply about privacy, while a whopping 90% believe the ways their data is treated reflects how they are treated as customers. So, it’s important to reassure people that you collect and use their data ethically and keep privacy top of mind. 

Train your team

Whether you are collecting consent forms or using QR-based technology, it’s important to understand everything. For instance, who will be responsible and which device they’ll use. Will you use a smartphone, tablet, computer, or kiosk? Make sure your staff is properly trained in the software entirely, from executing signatures without wifi to finding specific waivers.

About Otter Waiver
We encourage any outdoor organization to switch to digital waivers. Inspired by outdoor guides in Colorado and designed specifically for the outdoor industry, we understand the unique benefits of using electronic waivers. For $.10 or less per signed waiver, you can switch from cumbersome paper to the most affordable waiver signing platform available. Try Otter Online Waivers now with 100 free credits, and see how much easier your job can be.

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