Otter’s Custom and Templated Digital Waiver Fields

As businesses continue to modernize, digital waivers have become a valuable replacement for paper documents, protecting organizations from potential litigation more efficiently. At Otter, we offer you the flexibility and customization you need with our robust selection of custom fields and preset templated fields designed in collaboration with XInsurance, legal experts, and our diverse clientele.

Rise Above One-Size-Fits-All Approaches with Otter

At Otter, we cater to a vast array of industries, understanding that the needs and legal requirements of each are unique. Therefore, we’ve tossed the cookie-cutter approach aside. Instead, we offer customizable and preset templated fields, allowing for a tailored waiver experience that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Our Preset Templated Fields

Our preset templated fields cover a range of common needs across different industries. They’ve been thoughtfully crafted to provide a quick and easy way to create comprehensive and legally sound waivers. Our preset templated fields include:

  • Protective Wetsuit Refusal: This field is used when a customer chooses not to wear a protective wetsuit during a water-related activity, acknowledging their decision in the waiver.
  • Protective Headgear Refusal: Similar to the wetsuit refusal, this field is used if a customer declines to wear protective headgear during an activity that typically requires it.
  • Rental Insurance Queries: This field asks the customer if they need or have insurance for rented equipment, helping businesses to manage risk associated with their rental services.
  • Accident Insurance Forms: This field collects information about the customer’s accident insurance, providing a record that could be useful in case of an incident.
  • Client Origin Tracking (“How did you hear about us?”): This field helps businesses understand how the customer learned about them, which is useful for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Local Address Collection: This field collects the customer’s local address, particularly useful for businesses like ski or bike rental shops dealing with guests visiting from out of town.
  • Emergency Contact Information: This field collects contact details of someone to contact in case of an emergency involving the customer.
  • Detailed Profiles for Adults: This field collects basic information such as name, gender, birth date, address, identification type, email, and allows for a picture upload. It helps in creating a comprehensive profile of adult customers.
  • Eligibility and Shooting Experience (specific to the firearms industry): These fields ask about a customer’s eligibility to use firearms (similar to questions on the 4473 form in the US) and their previous experience with different types of firearms, ensuring safety and legal compliance.
  • Firearm Safety Rules: This field highlights the four primary firearm safety rules that the customer must acknowledge, ensuring they understand the basic safety protocols when handling firearms.

These presets can be incorporated into your digital waiver swiftly and effortlessly, saving you time and ensuring your waivers meet industry-specific needs.

Intelligent Smart Code Inserts

In addition to our templated fields, we offer a variety of smart code inserts. These intelligent features allow you to incorporate:

  • Initials
  • “I agree” statements
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Company and signee information, and much more.

The aim is to streamline your digital waiver creation, providing a seamless and effective way to gather necessary information.

Custom Fields: Tailoring Waivers to Your Specific Needs

Beyond our presets, Otter offers the option to build your own custom fields. You can choose from:

  • “I agree” statements
  • Yes/No questions
  • Multiple-choice queries
  • Paragraph fields
  • Short answer boxes
  • Checkboxes

By offering these options, we empower you to create waivers that are a perfect fit for your business, no matter how unique your needs may be.

Guided by Our Clients: Otter’s Commitment to Innovation

At Otter, we listen to you, our clients. We innovate and adapt our digital waiver software based on your needs and feedback. We aim to simplify the process for future customers, creating a user-friendly platform that effectively serves diverse industries.

Otter: Your Partner in Digital Waiver Creation

If you’re an existing Otter user, explore the full potential of our customizable fields to streamline your digital waivers. If you’re new to our platform, we invite you to discover the versatility and efficiency of Otter’s digital waiver software.With Otter, creating digital waivers tailored to your specific needs becomes a smooth and effortless process. We’re here to equip you with the tools to protect your business and ensure your waivers are comprehensive and legally sound. Why not start reaping the benefits today with a 14-day free trial?

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