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Otter Waiver Solutions for Summer Camp

Families enjoy unplugging from technology and reconnecting with nature. They go camping to revitalize their relationships, away from distractions. Parents would also take their kids to summer camps to help them transition to independence as they explore the scenic landscapes, make new friends, and experience nature. While you can do everything possible to ensure that guests are safe, there is always the risk of injuries.

When parents sign their children up for camp, one of the first things you probably require them to do is sign waivers. And a well-planned waiver system will protect you from the liability that comes with outdoor activities, as well as give those parents peace of mind. And the best way to cover your bases is to allow parents to sign digital waivers before they come to your camp.

This article will go over the 5 benefits of using digital waivers for summer camps and why you should consider Otter Waiver for making the switch from the paper variant.

Why You Should Use Digital Waivers

To remain competitive, your organization must keep up with the digital revolution. You’re probably already using an online booking system, so why not include digital waivers? People expect an online experience at every stage of their journey, and it is your responsibility to provide one.

Here are other reasons you should use digital waivers for your organization:

1. Increased Security

There are many issues that can arise when using paper waivers. Whether it’s because of a coffee spill, a water leak, or a crumple, the document may be rendered useless.

You don’t have to worry about anything destroying your digital waivers because they’re safely stored in the cloud. Digital waivers are also more legible and easier to read, making them more trustworthy in court.

2. Better Efficiency

Copies and filing are required administrative tasks for paper liability waivers. Both are simple enough to complete, but depending on the size of the pile, they can take a long time.

Every minute you or your team spends taking care of the piles of documents is another missed opportunity to engage with your campers and provide them with a better camp experience. 

Digital waivers are automatically distributed and stored in your online system.

3. Faster Check-in Experience

By including digital waivers as part of the online booking process for your summer camp, parents will have one less thing to do at check-in. If they make their booking and pay online, all they have to do when they arrive is give their name. As a result, they won’t have to wait long before they can let their children join in on the fun.

A quicker check-in means your team will be less stressed, and your guests will be less rushed.

4. Supporting Sustainability

As a summer camp owner, you’re probably concerned about the environment. After all, the beauty of nature in its preserved state is central to your entire activity. Paper, not to mention printers, ink, and ink cartridges, all of which require oil to manufacture, contribute to unnecessary waste and the spread of environmental damage.

One way you can help protect the environment while also positioning yourself as an ethical camp owner is to limit your use of paper. 

5. Gathering Data to Develop Effective Strategies

Data collection is critical for keeping your summer camp running and guests coming. Collecting and analyzing data on each of your campers will help to develop an effective marketing campaign. This will help you attract new campers and persuade them to return. 

Digital waiver software allows you to gather valuable data for your guests and customers.

Otter Waiver Solutions for Summer Camp

If you’re ready to ditch the wasteful paper waivers and join the digital transformation, Otter Waiver is here to transition seamlessly and effectively. With a commitment to superior support and dependability, we have provided secure digital liability waivers for thousands of businesses. 

Our platform offers some of the most advanced and comprehensive set of features any waiver management platform can offer. We help camping organizations solve problems relating to:

  • Data Entry 
  • Losing paper waivers 
  • Unreadable waivers 
  • Filing waivers by groups 
  • Searching for a participant by phone number 
  • Sending a direct link to a parent when they forget to sign before sending their kid on a school or church trip
  • Minimizing costs

Some of the key features unique to Otter are:

  • Collecting signatures before families arrive 
  • Text message marketing to bring families back in 
  • Connecting with apps from email, point of sale, booking, and more 
  • Rollover waivers credit for the following month 
  • Reducing paper waste and helping the environment 
  • 24/7 support 
  • e-Sign Compliant Software

Otter helps you in growing your camp business in a way that no other company can. By digitizing the waiver collection process, we make it safer, more compliant, and easier to manage.

Try Otter Waiver today to make your life easier while also increasing your bottom line.

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