How to Turn Your Waivers Into Repeat Business

Are you tired of boxes full of waivers collecting dust, taking up space, and not doing anything for your business? How do you turn your waiver forms into something that generates repeat business? 

It’s simple; you use data to remind customers of the fantastic service they’ve received from you and encourage them to come back! 

Collecting eSignatures, not paper.

Nobody wants to do data entry. First, make sure you use a digital waiver platform that sorts the data collected and provides app integrations for email and a built-in simple messaging service (SMS) for marketing purposes. 

Data-Driven Growth Strategies.

Your customers are now more informed than ever, trying new products and services with greater frequency. How do you capture their attention long enough to build a relationship with them? 

One of your most effective tools in building that loyal customer base is harnessing customer data and using it to nurture repeat business. Track your customers’ data with an all-in-one dashboard to make intelligent marketing decisions and achieve more significant growth.

Simple Messaging Service (SMS) Marketing.

Effective SMS marketing is the best way to ensure your current customers will return for more. Develop an excellent follow-up system to strengthen your existing relationships. Send text messages and emails asking for feedback on products, then ask them what products they want next. If you create an environment where people feel heard and listened to, you’ll have no problem getting repeat business. 

Learn from Your Customers.

The key is communication! Regularly check in with your customers and ask for feedback. If a customer texts with a complaint or concern, you respond immediately with a solution, then send them something thanking you for their business afterward. Determine where they would like more support and prioritize that. 

Gain visibility through Reviews.

Gather reviews and boost your search engine optimization (SEO) traffic on Google, Yelp, and Facebook with high engagement reviews. Did you know that 52% of clients use Iphones and search via apple maps? If you are not on apple maps and yelp, you won’t show up online. If your competitor has better reviews than you, you lose out on new business. Learn more here.

Reward Loyal Customers.

One of your main tools for staying in touch with previous customers is offering them relevant services and products. With target SMS marketing, you can tailor your offers to specific groups of people who have subscribed to your marketing list. For example, if someone signs go river rafting, offer them tubing or SUP rental, or send that person a series of SMS text messages (reminders) as they approach their one-month or first anniversary. Reward customers for the number of visits they make over a year, month, or lifetime. Send them exclusive offers when they sign up at least five times a month or more. 

Repeat business is the key to your success.

Outfits have seen a 30% increase in repeat customers when they use their data to work for them and not against them.

It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones, building up a customer base essential to keeping your company afloat. To keep your current customers happy, you need some solid customer retention strategies in place. Follow these steps to increase your customer retention. You can grow your business by following these steps and using a digital waiver & marketing platform with built-in customer retention tools.

Otter provides an easy-to-use customer retention platform that helps collect waivers and retain customers through SMS marketing tools. Sign up for a demo today.

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