Paper waivers vs Digital Waivers: Which One is Best?

Signing an electronic waiver with an electronic signature is now deemed as legally enforceable assigning a paper waiver. OtterWaive was created with the entire user experience in mind. Still, it was also designed with the advice and involvement of expert lawyers who specialize in liability minimization for businesses across the United States.

Using Otterwaiver to offer your waiver or other critical papers for signature has many benefits that a paper method cannot match. 

Here are the benefits of Digital Waivers over Paper Waivers:

CRM Integrations and Automated Email Marketing

As your company grows, you must collaborate with the resources you utilize to manage it. The creation of a unified environment allows for easy data interchange between apps.

Consequently, you will have greater power and be able to complete more tasks in less time.


Apps are a waste of money and time, no matter how excellent the results are, if they are challenging to use. The modern company needs quick, inexpensive, and simple applications e to use. What sets Otterwiaver different from the competition is its dead-simple waiver generating procedure.

Building high-quality, beautiful waivers is a snap with our straightforward drag-and-drop editor. WPutting online disclaimers in place have never been easier. With so many delivery choices, If that wasn’t enough, you can collect signatures from almost any mobile device.

Ease of Access

Many tour operators allow, or even need, pre-arrival reservations or appointments for high-risk activities or adventurous tours, which might be days, weeks, or months ahead of time. The sooner you can get your paper in front of the participant’s eyes, the better for you and your business. 

Many participants have complained that they were compelled to sign an extended legal agreement shortly after arriving on-site and before taking part in the event. They were not given sufficient time to interpret and comprehend the text and the inherent hazards of the action they were going to partake in due to this “pressure.”

This sort of circumstance is unlikely to be avoided in the case of a walk-up company, but having a solution like Otterwaiver in place will allow you to present your paperwork to your guest as soon as possible.


Otterwaiver ensures your document’s integrity is preserved. Many whitewater operators and outdoor tour companies found signed releases with some sections of the paper scratched or lined up and the signing party’s initials. 

At the same time, Otterwaiver allows the business to give a participant an Accept or Decline piece of content. The participant has no power to change the document’s text during the signing.


In the era of paper waivers, after one participant signs the document, it generally will become the property of the organization that gave it to them in the first place. The guest would seldom obtain a copy of the agreement they had signed, especially in the event of a walk-up business.

The business and the client both receive a time-stamped and IP labeled signed the document in question when using Otterwaiver. One copy is kept in the Otterwaiver administrator account, and the other is sent to the participant via the email address they provided during the registration process.

That gives the participant more time to re-read your paper and evaluate their risks before participating, which is especially important in the case of documents that must be signed beforehand.

Paper waivers vs. Digital Waivers: You Should Choose Digital Waiver If You Are

Concerned About The Environment

If that’s the case, why are you continuously printing dozens of payouts, most likely on ecologically damaging paper, when a digital alternative is so simple to implement? Paper production generates a lot of trash and consumes many natural resources, such as water, forests, and fossil fuels.

A Follower Of First Impressions

You are, as do we all. A solid first impression might help you stand out from the crowd. It will make the customer feel more at ease, especially since he must sign a waiver. A well-designed and simple-to-understand digital waiver demonstrates you value your safety.

Effectively Managing Your Time

Let us compare the handling of paper waivers and the processing of digital waivers. The reparations must first be printed on paper, after which they must be purchased. They must be transferred once they have been published to the location where they’ll be signed and sent into a clipboard. The customers then fill out the form. The paperwork must now be gathered, filed, and preserved for a set time. Because the forms include personal information, they must be shredded at the end of the time. Once signed, digital indemnities are stored in the cloud. You login in and put your search terms into the search box.

Concerned About Your Clients’ Secure Secure Information

POPI compliance is a requirement for all businesses in the near future. You must be responsible for your customers’ private details. 

You Unless maintain those paper indemnities in a secure vault. Digital waivers are present on a secure site with a cloud-based firewall.

Stick Thin With Your Time And Money

You’re not being as cost-effective as you may be if you’re still employing paper waivers. If you Google ‘average print cost per page,’ you’ll often receive an answer of roughly 7.5 American cents for black and white, plus the time it takes to print.


Despite all of the tools and benefits Otterwaiver offers, we cannot emphasize enough the significance of dealing with skilled legal counsel who understands your business and can design legal papers that better protect your interests. Once you’ve done that, Otterwaiver will assist you in presenting your documentation to your participants from numerous access points, preserve the document’s integrity, and offer you and your visitors a simple way to analyze and store the copy as needed.
Take your meds right now and move them to a digital service, and you’ll be fine. Training your employees about how to sign digitally will just take a couple of minutes. In the terrible event that you need to defend yourself, you will praise yourself in the long run.

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