9 Online Liability Waiver Features You Should Be Using

9 Online Liability Waiver Features You Should Be Using

Gathering signed liability waivers from customers can be time-consuming if your business requires them. Once customers arrive, they’ll have to spend time filling out the form, after which you or your staff will have to compile and organize the completed forms.

Larger groups may find this more challenging than smaller ones. If you have not realized it, the right online waiver solution can do wonders for your business. To avoid legal trouble, cut costs, generate more business, and bolster promotional efforts.

So, how can you get the most bang for your buck and maximize the benefits of an online waiver? Here are 9 features you should use.

1. Flagging Wrong Answers

When filling out a liability waiver, some participants may be asked questions that, depending on their answers, could raise a “flag” and require a little more attention from staff before they are allowed to check in for their activity.

For instance, a company may be interested in knowing whether or not a participant has any disabilities that could slow them down during the event. If a participant responds “yes” to a question like this, the staff member can take the necessary steps to make accommodations for them.

2. Adding a Safety Video

When customers know the dangers and their role in mitigating them, they have a lower chance of successfully suing your business.

The clarity of your language and its completeness and brevity will go a long way toward ensuring that your waiver is fully understood and legally binding. Add a short video to take it to the next level.

A safety video played before customers sign their waivers can help them better understand the potential dangers they’re taking on.

3. Checking-in Customers

Some customers may provide false information when asked to sign an online waiver before an event or service. There are significant risks to your business’s liability exposure if you rely on their word alone when they sign a waiver without verifying their identity first.

In most cases, businesses conduct customer check-ins to avoid liability for accidents and lawsuits. Taking these precautions can protect your business’s bottom line and good name from being tarnished by needless lawsuits.

4. Integrating With Email Marketing

Guests can easily and quickly read and sign a liability waiver before participating in a tour or activity with the help of the right electronic waiver software. Did you know that this also provides opportunities to broaden your email subscriber base and carry out follow-up email marketing campaigns?

Connecting your waiver software to an email marketing service allows you to add participant details to your mailing list instantly. 

Customers who “opt-in” to your email list via your digital waiver will have their contact information added to your account and be eligible to receive future email campaigns.

5. Pushing Data to Booking or POS System

The booking process for a tour or activity is becoming increasingly important to guests, who now expect it to be quick and easy.

Using an online booking system has made accepting reservations for tours and activities much more straightforward for business owners.

With a digital waiver solution like OtterWaiver, operators can have guests read and sign an activity waiver before their scheduled visit.

But it’s in the combination of these two tools that service becomes truly seamless for the customer.

For instance, once Otter is integrated with your POS or booking system, you can automatically add waiver information to any new or existing customer’s custom fields.

6. Browser Extensions

Waiver software like Otter streamlines integration with POS and CRM systems with browser add-ons, allowing you to push new data as it is collected via waiver forms to improve your CRM’s effectiveness.

In addition to reducing the time it takes to add a new customer to your database, you can also rest assured that the information being entered is correct.

7. Website Integration

Industries that pride themselves on creating one-of-a-kind experiences must place a premium on customer satisfaction. Offering your guests a smooth user experience is just as important as providing them with thrilling adventures or high-quality services if you want them to return.

A waiver-signing process that doesn’t force visitors to leave the website is a great way to keep them from getting interrupted while using your site.

Otter Waiver lets your participants sign the digital liability waiver without leaving your site by using an iframe popup screen.

8. Contactless Waiver Signing with QR Codes

Customers will appreciate the time you save them when you use QR codes to streamline the signing process.

Customers can avoid waiting in line by checking in via their smartphones by scanning QR codes posted at the check-in desk. As soon as they do so, it’ll direct them to the mobile-friendly waiver form they can fill out on any iOS or Android device.

As OtterWaiver already includes a QR code generator, it’s easy to implement a system that allows participants to sign via contactless signature using only their mobile device.

9. SMS Automation

When competing against other companies, service providers with more experience in SMS automation have an obvious advantage. Why? Customers are counting on you to provide timely access to critical information.

Please take advantage of automated SMS notifications so they always have up-to-date information.

Connecting your SMS marketing platform to many electronic waiver platforms allows customers who opt-in to SMS while signing a waiver will receive a text message verifying their opt-in and signing them into your VIP program.

Otter Waiver, a Powerful Digital Waiver Service

If you’re ready to move away from inefficient paper waivers and into the digital age, Otter Waiver can help you make the switch. Through our dedication to top-notch service, we have helped thousands of companies by providing them with safe, digital liability waivers.

With its various features and integrations it offers, Otter’s digital waiver management software can improve customer retention rates and reduce service costs.
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